American Bounty Series


 My American Bounty Series includes a tribute to our Colonial agricultural heritage highlighted by stylized tobacco leaves, cotton boles, flowers, and wheat; my interpretation of the life cycle of the silkworm; and  my appreciation of our state’s cranberry industry featuring the leaves, blossoms, and fruit as well as the essential honey bee that makes successful agriculture possible.    

The Silk Worm Tribute


Preparing for the "Celebrate The Paperweight" Event in Chicago, I approached Ben and Mitch and asked them their thoughts on making a paperweight that would commemorate the original Pantin silkworm weight. I thought it would be interesting to create a modern silk worm weight which would perhaps symbolize a bridge connecting vintage paperweights with modern ones, showing how the process has changed in some ways but also remained the same. 

Fruits of Discovery Series


This video shows the process of creating a paperweight in David's new Fruits of Discovery Series.

Fire and Glass


David demonstrates the painstaking steps involved in creating one of his floral sphere paperweights.

PBS presents Craft in America


In 2013, PBS visited Paul Stankard's studio to film for their Craft in America series. During this time, David Graeber was working as Paul Stankard's assistant and is featured in this program.

An Interview with David Graeber


While at the 2018 AGE show, David was interviewed by Elev8. Discover how he became a paperweight artist and what inspires him.