Recently I have had the opportunity to create weights that celebrate an individual’s retirement after many years of community service, as well as weights that are a tribute to people who have left us far too soon. Sadly, the latter is true of the weight that I have designed in memory of Keith Schwab, Haddonfield’s Soccer Club President. Elements in his memorial weight include a base of rocks, for he surely was a “rock” in the community, as well as chrysanthemum buds representing his four children. Keith and his wife, Leslie, were a much loved “team,” a fact that is noted on this weight. Their children, and all the children that they’ve mentored, are our hope for the future.  My weights honoring an individual’s long service to a community organization include one I recently created for a 45 year veteran of the Westmont Fire District No. 1. It, like future similar weights, incorporates an appropriate logo. Each weight will be mounted on a sulphide and will be polished until it sparkles, surely a nice alternative to the usual plaque!