What’s Happening

      • David will be attending the Delaware Valley Paperweight Fest 2016.  Click here and here for more information.
      • David Graeber and Gordon Smith doing a demonstration at the Wheaton Arts Paperweight Fest 2014


      • Recently, my research has been enhanced by field experiences including fall harvest at Lee Brothers Cranberry Farm near Chatsworth, and honey bee hive tending at Harvey’s Honey in Monroeville, New Jersey. I believe my creations benefit from hands-on experiences that have included donning hip boots and wading into a bog to help corral freshly harvested cranberries, and getting stung multiple times by irritated honey bees while checking the health of each hive.




New Jersey's State Insect - the Honey Bee

New Jersey’s State Insect – the Honey Bee


      • With the help of a friend, I brewed a Spruce Ale in honor of New Jersey’s 350th anniversary.  The spruce tips were picked near Batsto Village, one of my favorite places to visit and one of the inspirations for my American Bounty series.



      • Below is a paperweight I made in memory of Bill Marlin (of Marlin Gallery), a longtime friend and mentor.


Marlin Paperweight

Marlin Paperweight